Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Blog Series 5

That thing called love! 

Strolling in these crowded streets
Wandering through memories
The tune of love within
Subdues all those without

Angst filled void around
Unmindful pain – baffling and novel
See that familiar face around – no surprise
People are but objects reflecting the mind

Unbeknownst – love struck me
And now I am clearly unsure
What joy, what pain – what more?
They say its fatal – but its poetry obscure.

The emotional dissonance – is that right?
A void that is tediously strong
How do I speak my mind – confess the love
I fear end would win me over, before long.

Gap – the gap – this gap between…
Would cocoon worlds' entirety
The gap between the lips, longer still
If sealed, once sealed – chime unity

I could sing ballads of love
But I am a lifetime shy to be a poet
I speak my plight in vain hope
Of being one – with you, just for a moment

Virtues will be restored
And boons have been bestowed
If the night unfolds with you beside me,
- My man of gold!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo Blog Series 4

Roads turn bringing hope
To fall or to cope?
Coping is in mind for now
Falling is but to find out how!

Unfolding paper, mystery what it reads...
To seek it, is it curiosity or greed?
Unfolding reveals neither..
Only the anticipation is freed!