Friday, January 21, 2011

On taking drugs

She often encounters members of the 'cool and high' community...
well, they think they are cool, she would kill to concur, oh what irony!
and they are on an all time 'high'..

One too many times she bumps into one or two members of this community and they woo her with their arsenal !!! a very powerful one that!

She would if her conscience permits her to, but her conscience is as stubborn as herself.

On taking drugs.... members from the community talk about the state of ecstatcy one goes to while having a dose of ecstacy... and members also point out the miserable life she has without ever trying it out..

She would go - "I do have a miserable life, Yes! But atleast I will LIVE TO TELL THE TALE!!!!"

On taking drugs!!....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Breaking the silence!

She hasn't been writing for a while owing to the lack of inspiration. But something that came to her mind this morning seemed worth penning down.

Feed thy rationale,
Oppression would starve to death.

Feed thy compassion,
Animosity would starve to death.

Feed thy conviction,
Mediocrity would starve to death.

Feed thy diligence,
Indifference would starve to death.

Feed thy vigor,
Lethargy would starve to death.

Feed thy intellect,
Ignorance would starve to death.

Feed thy self with the contrary,
HUMANITY would starve to death.

It is written by her 'sick of this materialistic world' self.