Saturday, August 18, 2012

Melancholy and Me!

When she sits by the window
pondering over life so intently.
I wonder what she thinks,
looking adrift yet nonchalantly!

Is she thinking about herself?
Or is something bothering her?
Is she looking for an answer?
Or does she fail to infer?

In life there are glitches too many.
To gauge these would be too hard
What could a bewildered mind do;
than reconcile with a life that’s marred?

Lost in a conundrum she gasps!
Split between emotions she sighs!
Beaten by the blues she moans!
Distressed by this outrage she cries!

Dazed by this thought battle
she jumps up in the hope to flee,
But she knows she can’t refute
A life that cries “melancholy and me”