Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Blog Series 5

That thing called love! 

Strolling in these crowded streets
Wandering through memories
The tune of love within
Subdues all those without

Angst filled void around
Unmindful pain – baffling and novel
See that familiar face around – no surprise
People are but objects reflecting the mind

Unbeknownst – love struck me
And now I am clearly unsure
What joy, what pain – what more?
They say its fatal – but its poetry obscure.

The emotional dissonance – is that right?
A void that is tediously strong
How do I speak my mind – confess the love
I fear end would win me over, before long.

Gap – the gap – this gap between…
Would cocoon worlds' entirety
The gap between the lips, longer still
If sealed, once sealed – chime unity

I could sing ballads of love
But I am a lifetime shy to be a poet
I speak my plight in vain hope
Of being one – with you, just for a moment

Virtues will be restored
And boons have been bestowed
If the night unfolds with you beside me,
- My man of gold!

1 comment:

Ms. Tamil said...

loved "*lifetime shy* to be a poet" and "night unfolds with you beside me"; a bit surprised by the ending word (vaishax ending a poem with something that glitters?)