Monday, August 25, 2014

Photo Blog Series 22

A star is shining bright tonight
The heavens are decked up in its best
The world envies, friends rejoice
I look up the sky and it seems to hide in shame
For the star is amidst is, illuminating joy

May your year be of realizations, and your dreams just as well
For you deserve all that and more

I am glad I am by your side as you step into another glorious year
a year of dreams and hope
Thank you for being you, for being this beautiful person that you are.
May your smile curb your sorrows at bay
May you live a life that's so meaningful
So I may vicariously dwell in your happiness
One that radiates like the rainbow

A life worth living
Happy birthday Tejas!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Photo Blog Series 21

Your memories behind you've left
My mind body soul handcuffed
How can I go on knowing that
Life of me is with you in debt
In a conundrum of chances
None favoring my wishes
But in your memory I will relish
Those things I live for
And then in your fond reminisce, perish..

Photo Blog Series 20

Photo courtesy: Google
Myriad dreams, rat race of a life
Too little time, but options rife

Few things make it worth the while
All through tough times, bitter & vile

I love you, cos you make life sweeter..
Shy though that I am - less said the better!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Photo Blog Series 19

When I think of you
I think of the shape of clouds
When they spread themselves for me
For us
When we spend endless nights
Drinking our lives in glasses of hope
Of dreams..
I now go back
With just the clouds with me
Spreading itself for me
I see you
I see us
In it
And when I miss you
When a tear rolls down my eye
I look up to the clouds
And say, you own me
You own my life
My world
I share a part of me
If not all of me
With you
Only you
For nobody loves me as you do
And I as you
I love you!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Photo Blog Series 18

Henry Nelson O'Neil, Woman In Love - 1856

Come, sit next to me
Read aloud a story
Of a girl and let she be free
Of grief and of misery

Come, touch my face
With those fingers of grace
Let the story be sung with a gaze
Of this beautiful morning haze

Come, be one with me and you
Know its melancholic not to
Feel you under my skin
Its true
For I think we’re one, never two!

Photo Blog Series 17

The room - now empty without you
Sweet melancholy they say, must be true!

Look by your side when you walk out that door,
A part of me will be found walking too!