Thursday, July 23, 2015

Photo Blog Series 33

Chaotic and hectic
To deal with people around me
Can’t cope with this frenzy
Perhaps in solitude I’ll be free

They talk, they deduce
It isn’t helping cos it’s just a ruse
So clouded by the spree
In solitude alone, I can see

I want to talk, and sing too
Not much, just a word or two
Don’t need an audience please
Talking in solitude, that’s me

Don’t push me to the rim
With thoughts just so grim
Don’t barge in my space
In solitude I want to be

When the world turns to be
A freer, just calmer space
I want to step out and feel
What pain solitude has been

And when I’ve made it, alive
Out of my solipsistic life
I want to turn into a new leaf
Embrace a new me, no pain nor grief!