Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Photo Blog Series 32

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She felt joyous
Watching herself on screen

Eyes fixed, mind engrossed
In rapt attention she smiled!

The TV stopped abruptly

Her hands held a fist
Angry, she looked around

But nobody but her remained

When the TV went on a static
Her hands loosened up

Gently she stood up, eyes blurry
With crutches, went to her room


Photo Blog Series 31

You, photo sharing
pop-up rhymester!
a one-day glory
for a full-time jester?

is that all you’ve got?

exulting in adulation
of ‘up thumb’ display
painstaking toil
for a chirpy convey

much bother for naught

go away from that evil
a rectangular cage
a duality so curbing
too daunting to assuage

surely, not asking a lot!

banter a bit, out of the cage
break her reckless grind
a cursed double-life
no cage to hide behind!
it wasn’t what she thought!

mother’s day isn’t just a day
it is your lifetime, borrowed
moment by moment
nourished and hallowed

a vicarious life – don’t let it rot!