Friday, October 8, 2010

Save our Souls:

Despite the despair, dreams don't die: "When school reopens, I will continue working to become a doctor. It's very important for me as I saw my grandmother die paralysed and untreated," says 10-year-old Gulzar, who is living at the camp in Mundhighaz.

She stood there with her eyes wide open

Every part of her hoping

some miracle will engulf this ruin

and restore peace to nature's misdoing

You took away what you gave

Oh mighty Indus, you have left behind a grave!

Many unlucky ones could only watch others flee

relatives and loved ones could do nothing but plea

A momentary anguish for those who died

a perpetual haunting for those who have barely survived

Could there be a worser torment than

never to see your child ever again?

Many a times as soon as a tragedy ends

The scale of its aftermath is too hard to comprehend

8 million are homeless and hungry and still counting

but the grief of just one seems so real and excruciating

Some have set out on an aimless exodus

Swat to the north to Sindh to the south, the wreck is relentless!!

Inspite of the sincere appeals to the locals to evecuate

"WE are bound by our land" they'd retaliate

"It was such a lively place, but I watched it drown before my eyes"

Perhaps its a vacuum that no worldly dominion could suffice

Nature and cosmos have articulated their mighty abilities to create and distort

oh that reminds her of this conspicuous phrase:

To the dumb question “Why me?” the cosmos barely bothers

to return the reply: Why not?


Balu said...

a lot more dumb questions
"Why them?" (in this case from us)
When we see the natural calamities like flood,Earthquake,Tsunami,Valcanoes, Etc
"Why these?"
And for lot more questions like these, the cosmos still barely bothers to return that ONE SAME REPLY : Why not?

Any way nice poem,
ab ab cc
dd ee ff
gg bb hh

Is it a type of sonnet or just a rhyme

Geetha said...

Well I glad to see a budding poet :) What more latent talents are we going to see...All the best.

Vaishnavi said...

planning to compose another song.. will probably start writing that!!