Wednesday, October 13, 2010

patriotism bordering delirium

she is glad she has lived to witness this unending state of conquest

so she wishes to mark this space here as a tribute to all the winners who have made her want to physically be in Delhi to watch the splendid display of dexterity.

hats off to the boxers. it was a treat to have the national anthem played time and again during the medal ceremony.

kudos to the women who brought home gold at the 4 * 400m relay. BOY! that was a titillating rush of adrenalin. So was the 4*100m men and women.

and not to mention sania nehwall who helped us retain the second position !! - a class apart.

"Australia is home in style as numero uno already. But the real battle is being fought just behind them for the Number 2 slot in the Commonwealth Games medals tally." says an online report.

what makes the aussies numero uno after all!!?

is it their diet? is it some congenial weather? is it a particluar assortment of gene pool? is it the political benevolence?

ARGH!! there seems to be a perspective that is amiss.

the sheer attitude!! that uncompromising pride and love of sports.. that pushes them a notch above their own capabilities.

a painful discovery being many Indian sportmen travelling to Australia for this love of sports and the coaching the country provides to the immaculate sports lovers!!

she wanted to make it big in sports herself at some point in her life... one could tell why she is just writing about it now.. after all she is not an australian!!


Balu said...

What if she is not an Australian?
What if she has not made it big in sports?
She is still what she is.
She is still young enough.
She is still capable of many things.
She has got innumerable options to make it big, if not sports.
Let her find out what her diet, her weather, her gene pool and her political environment have bestowed her with.
Let her decide and take the first step at this moment, without any delay.
So that she doesn’t get another chance to write a blog like this.
After all, 'they' are always there to cheer her at any time she needs.

Vaishnavi said...

u the best!! :)