Thursday, March 20, 2014

Photo Blog Series 9

All due credits to John_William_Waterhouse_The_Lady_of_Shalott

Vita Brevis!

Illusions, surreal as they come;
Embraced a newfangled tangent;
When he strode in like a lightning,
And eluded like a star so distant.

The time with him around,
Have become fragments of me.
Manifesting into little chunks,
And etched in doting memory.

Prayers fail me even as I vainly try
To seize that moment of bliss
While I watch him in rapture
Let myself want to passionately kiss

I have a confession to make, I am
Guilty of an unblemished sensation!
Of adoration, desire and superlative love
A feeling so poignant I felt with none

I want to clinch it and make it my own
But I must be a fool to cage the breeze
So I will seek solace in my musing
By writing ballads like these!

For Magnifico, Felicidades!

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