Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cursed Mind

Lately I’ve been blue
Angry and anxious too
An internal conflict
Overwhelming catharsis

At times I wonder
Is life all that good?
I suspect as I yearn
To rejoice as I should

Mind – you mean thing
Just sent me on a quest
What joy do you seek?
When I fall and bite dust

Curious as I may be
I can’t grasp my life
I try, I try and I try
But failure is rife

Too many things to do
Too little time
This life is a plague
Thanks to this cursed mind

1 comment:

Meewa said...

Well these verses are certainly not the product of a cursed mind. A curious and restless mind maybe, but not cursed :)

Having said that, I must add that a mind that ponders over life like this will eventually move towards reformative action. Here's to times of change and resolutions.