Friday, November 16, 2012

I am fine, just let me be!

The world is spinning non-stop
People have no time
In my mind there is a block
Crammed with sorrow n pain

I shun away from the thought
But it gets the better of me
How does one fix the spirit?
That’s engulfed by misery

Everyday I wake up in hope
‘Today will be a new day’
I must be kidding myself
For I am yet to see that day

So what if I am strange n unique
I can have friends too
Before you complain n critique
Won’t you check if it’s true?

Should I just stop trying?
Find solace in solitude?
I can’t stop pondering
If I should move on or brood

I keep busy all the time
So I get used to my company
At times I falter and fail
Succumb to the cursed epiphany

So I feel lost, and left behind
That I end up questioning again
Is it my fault I am blind?
That you seek pleasure in my pain?

Don’t laugh at me, it hurts
For I am only blind by sight
But count on me to be the same
Whether you are black or white!

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