Saturday, November 27, 2010


Gosh!! She almost missed it!!

Thanks to an appetite that is quite indistinct.

If not for these cravings for some dessert at midnight,

She would have missed some overwhelming moments of delight.

Far from real the sight she is witnessing

If there ever is heaven, she'd bet it is anything as pleasing

Tottering through the hallway in hopes to admire,

the sceanic view that'll make her system go haywire!!

On the other side of the locked door lies a surprise.

One so surreal that she would hardly surmise.

As the adrenalin makes sure the excitement is at its peak,

She steps out of the door and a wee fractal touches her cheek.

Her joy knows no bounds, emotions loud, body numb.

willing to forgo worldly pleasures, to this beauty she will succumb.

An hour of laughter, joy, tears and agony, she battles with her senses,

trying to unwillingly get over these overriding emotional turbulences.

As if trapped in a moment she desires to be eternally,

unperturbed and oblivious she floats in her reverie!!


Balu said...

The clump of neurons inside my cranium felt like ‘brain in a vat’ while reading. You saw, felt, smelt probably would have even tasted these fractals and call it reverie. Is this what they call tangible reveries?

Saranya Senguttuvan said...

“emotions loud, body numb. Willing to forgo worldly pleasures, to this beauty she will succumb”. This one line construes your thoughts perfectly. The simplest pleasures of life are the most finest, when one knows to appreciate that, It is a life well lived – not spent.

“Unperturbed and oblivious she floats in her reverie” – unearthly moments. Well written. Keep them coming.