Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Frontiers and Friendships or Premise of Prejudice?

अखंडता के नाम पर कलंक! राजनीतिक पतन!

A stigma to the word integrity. A Political downfall.

Though the
media is doing what they do best, the patriot in her is unable to fathom the pandemonium in her country. She moved out of her motherland for greener pastures but she will perpetually yearn to run into the arms of her land. Not the one she witnesses now. Cynical, self centred and devoid of egalitarianism.

She is bewildered; Why was
Beijing able to complete the Beijing National Stadium much ahead of schedule for the Summer Olympics held in 2008? Why is London all set to deliver the venues for the 2012 summer olympics ONE WHOLE YEAR before the games?

If ruminated the chaos of 2010 commonwealth games (even before it is over) there could be debate on who is the true patriot. The whistle blowing Aiyer or the congressman Kalmadi. Debate on who is right about the compromise made on the sanitation of the village, the Commonwealth Games Federation president Michael Fennel or the secretary general of the Delhi organizing committee, Lalit Bhanot. Oh by the way, he says due to cultural differences, there are different standards about cleanliness in India and the west. WAIT A MINUTE!!!! - WHAAAAT???????? .........and many such baseless arguments like underpaid labour (many sadly, are not alive to tell the tale) under prepared security team which let the ausies to walk in with a bomb prototype (why wont they complain/ withdraw?), several other 'boycotters', with terrorism threat and instances of IPL bombing and the jama masjid.

She is in Glasgow and she can see the preparations of the 2014 games already or should i say completions? What a shame! She is pained and in an inexplicable agony. She does not wish to go deeper into that.

All this chaos stay. But what baffles her the most is this country does not stay united WHATSOEVER. How could it with so called popular writers propagating anti cwg slogans and persuading the readers to boycott the CWG? Thanks to Aiyer our man, and the media devil. Sigh, it seems like a point of no return!!!

She is frustrated with this cluttered system and wishes the country never won the bid. At least her land would not have lost it's self respect. But as she was researching about CWG on the web, she came across this man who has a different perspective (well in most cases) about the whole deal. Here is the link to a good read:

Part of her now believes, Indians might just be able to pull this through. After all, they say, Indians are not hard workers, they do not stay in the office and work hard with deadline a day away, instead they party the whole night, come to work with a hangover, sort the issue with a cup of coffee! Far fetched??? I'm sure i will live to tell the tale.

"the accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference"


Balu said...

As Girish Nikam, predicts, Everything will be alright, CWG will be successful. it's only the pan (Exclusive indian product) stains. It can be cleaned. While it is being cleaned most of the other muck will be hidden under the carpet.

Vaishnavi said...

we surely need a huge carpet.